Thanksgiving, Vegan and Food Allergies


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Ahhhh Thanksgiving… a time to gather around the family table and share in a bountiful feast of the season, giving thanks for all that the year has brought you. How many of us have favorite family memories of this time … Continue reading

Elmyriachi in Kirkwood- World Cup Soccer- Food Allergies… A restaurant review


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A couple weeks ago the U.S. World Cup Soccer Team was slated to play Portugal. Our son is an avid soccer kid (well as much as an unfocused 7 year old can be) and was really itching to watch this … Continue reading

So what is a food allergy exactly?


How many of you out there in cyberspace who have food allergies have ever gotten the “Really?!?” look from people when you tell them you are allergic to certain foods? I know I have… It’s the ever so slight head … Continue reading

I love food… Just like you


Many years ago, I was suffering with multiple health issues that a laundry list of doctors could not solve, nor manage. I was lethargic, fuzzy-minded, overweight, and unhappy… just to name a few. When I moved to the Atlanta area in 2004 it was at it’s height. Something had to give!

I found a medical doctor, also trained as a naturopathist, who treated me over a 6 month period for a systemic yeast infection (candida albicans). As my diet was immediately whittled down to meat and veggies, no condiments or sauces allowed, I began to experience a radical transformation. A book I read during that time helped me connect the dots, for the first time in my life, between the relationship of food allergies and intolerances and health issues. I’ve been on this journey ever since. My son and I are personally dealing with intolerances to gluten, dairy, and soy. My husband is intolerant to dairy, and sensitive to gluten and soy and deathly allergic to certain fruits; strawberries, pineapple, pitted fruits, and pears and apples.

For years, people in my life have told me I need to write a cookbook. As you can guess, I love food… which can be frustrating if you can’t eat most of it. Becoming a vegetarian led to even more challenges, but I was determined to be able to enjoy my food in the all the ways I had prior to any of my issues. I could never figure out what type of cookbook to write. Afterall, there are 50 million and ONE cookbooks out there. And, I’d say to myself and everyone else, “I’m not trained in the kitchen. I don’t understand food chemistry.”

But, by the time my food journey had completely unfolded, vegetarianism and 3 food intolerances later, I felt my niche’. I was loving my experiences in the kitchen and on my plate, and realized I was sharing this with others without being aware. So, here I am… Working on 50 million and two *giggle* For the cookbook, I’m focusing on the 10 most common allergens; gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shell fish, fish, corn and sesame.

This blog is in support of that endeavor. To provide a forum where I can share my experiments with food; especially the one’s I can’t publish in my cookbook, because it’s someone else’s recipe I modified. And, hopefully to share with you some tips and tricks I’ve stumbled upon along the way. Thank you for visiting my site, and enjoy!