So what is a food allergy exactly?


How many of you out there in cyberspace who have food allergies have ever gotten the “Really?!?” look from people when you tell them you are allergic to certain foods? I know I have… It’s the ever so slight head … Continue reading

Review of the new Tempt Hemp Tofu


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As many may know, we have partnered with Living Harvest to recommend their products in our new cookbook (get it here) and to engage in some cross branding with them as well. I’ve been working with Candi on all the … Continue reading

We Have Corporate Cross-branding


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It’s less than a week away from the release of my very first piece of intellectual property… The Allergy Friendly Vegetarian PDF Mini-cookbook! I started working on a cookbook, at my husband’s behest, about 2 years ago. What a huge … Continue reading

Giving it that “meaty” flavor


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One of the most difficult transitions for me from being a meat eater into becoming a vegetarian (which literally happened within 12 hours for me… but that’s another story) was how to give dishes that extra little “umph!” that meat … Continue reading