Elmyriachi in Kirkwood- World Cup Soccer- Food Allergies… A restaurant review


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A couple weeks ago the U.S. World Cup Soccer Team was slated to play Portugal. Our son is an avid soccer kid (well as much as an unfocused 7 year old can be) and was really itching to watch this … Continue reading

You Might Live With Food Allergies If …

Fortunately, my son and I are not anaphylactic (well my son does get a funny feeling throat and mouth from eggs), bur there are seriously uncomfortable symptoms we deal with beginning anywhere between 1-12 hours after consuming the culprit food… that lasts for up to two days… SO, I can TOTALLY relate to this! I keep an Epi-pen for our son just in case, so that is definitely on the out the door checklist.

curtis_sittenfeld_fare_conferenceLast month, attendees at the first FARE National Food Allergy Conference were treated to a heartfelt, warm and witty keynote speech, “Finding Your Food Allergy Voice,” by bestselling author Curtis Sittenfeld, whose daughter has food allergies.

Curtis’s riff on comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s popular “You Might Be a Redneck” routine was met with appreciative laughs. With many food allergy parents exchanging knowing glances at some of the familiar scenarios Curtis mentioned, we were not surprised we received requests to reprint her speech. We are happy to share this excerpt from Curtis’s speech.

  • You Might Live With Food Allergies If … you develop a strategy for attending a four-year-old’s birthday party with the same precision you’d use to invade a small country.
  • You Might Live With Food Allergies If … you’ve ever been with a group of people singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and you’ve wondered what you should do…

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So what is a food allergy exactly?


How many of you out there in cyberspace who have food allergies have ever gotten the “Really?!?” look from people when you tell them you are allergic to certain foods? I know I have… It’s the ever so slight head … Continue reading

Review of the new Tempt Hemp Tofu


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As many may know, we have partnered with Living Harvest to recommend their products in our new cookbook (get it here) and to engage in some cross branding with them as well. I’ve been working with Candi on all the … Continue reading

Trying to make the Ratatouille from Ratatouille

Simple, beautiful, and naturally food allergen free (of the 10 common)… minus the Parmesan cheese. Ratatouille is one of my all time favorite movies too!

You can sprinkle vegan nutritional yeast to replace the flavor of the cheese.

Thank you, Happiness Stan, for this fun, movie inspired, rustic french comfort food.

Happiness Stan Lives Here

Comfort food. Such a strange term. Makes me think of neurotic bulimics smearing chocolate eclairs over themselves.

The scene in Disney’s Ratatouille, where Remy the rat-chef prepares the dish for Anton Ego, the blisteringly arrogant food critic brilliantly voiced by Peter O’Toole, provides a far better insight into what comfort food is.

And along the way it shows you how to make a fantastic looking ratatouille.

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