So what is a food allergy exactly?

How many of you out there in cyberspace who have food allergies have ever gotten the “Really?!?” look from people when you tell them you are allergic to certain foods? I know I have…

It’s the ever so slight head tilt to the side, a “hummm” and an eyebrow raise. The questions that follow vary, but invariability the person asking the questions has this general air of “Is this Really a REAL thing?” and seems to not get the fact that for some people there are certain foods (close to 170 in the U.S.) that could kill us either immediately or shorten our lives due to the cascade of affects on our health ingesting these foods over the long term will cause (sometimes referred to as food “intolerant”).

So, what IS a food allergy exactly? In this video, the National Institutes of Health explains just that. Check it out and leave a comment.


What do you think?

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