We Have Corporate Cross-branding

It’s less than a week away from the release of my very first piece of intellectual property… The Allergy Friendly Vegetarian PDF Mini-cookbook!

TAV minicookbook cover

I started working on a cookbook, at my husband’s behest, about 2 years ago. What a huge project a cookbook is… I tabled it. I wasn’t really feeling it. Then, I picked it back up and decided I would just work when I felt inspired until the product was birthed.

Then, came Muff’n Stuff, our dry muffin mix, free of the 10 common allergens, and vegan, and I “saw” how developing this brand would develop the name of the company and then people would know why they even need to buy a cookbook from us! I was inspired again… But, I had to make sure I kept the horse in front of the cart.

We started a Kickstarter funding project to raise start-up costs for the business. I decided one of the perks would be a PDF cookbook teaser… 20 recipes to give people a taste of what’s to come. I wasn’t thinking about selling this, until I realized that just to even put this out into the world as a perk, I needed to protect my intellectual property by copyrighting. So, if I need to do all that, then why not fully release it in to the world for all the people in need of ways to love food as a vegetarian or vegan with multiple food allergies?

So, here we are now… Exciting right?!!

I decided to do with this PDF Cookbook what I planned for the larger cookbook, at least a portion of it, that is… Work with the “Free-From” food companies to list them by name in the cookbook so that people could have more confidence in which products to buy that are safer for people with food allergies. And, that’s exactly what we have done!

Out of 9 of the companies I approached, these 7 have come on board with our cookbook project to not only allow me to list their product by name in the cookbook, but also to engage with us in a cross-branding relationship to let as many people as possible who are in need of delicious everyday recipes know about the cookbook.

7 logos


Hubby (my delightful co-owner) and I are completely excited these companies are on board to help us bring this resource out in to the world for people with multiple food allergies who are struggling with what to cook, what products to use, how to cook them, and really missing some of the foods they used to love before diagnosis.

The cookbook is coming June 1st… You can purchase it online at this link

Let us know what you think! We are excited to hear from you!


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