Better to be safe than Sorry

A first hand account of how food allergy reactions can progress over time, and how it really does need to be taken seriously. If you have even mild reactions with breathing or throat, please keep an EpiPen with you at ALL times, because you never know when it can progress from a mild irritant to a life threatening emergency.

Better Safe Than Sorry…

Anthony's Allergies

It was this time last year. An amazing May evening, The summer was looming and everybody was beginning to get that summer feeling. You could just tell by the atmosphere around the place. I was excited, my exams were nearly over and I was departing for Boston at the start of June. Anyway it was a Saturday evening and I had a mach with my GAA club. Everything was normal, my mach day routine was the same as always. I got up, lounged around for a while, studied for a little bit and then had my dinner and got my gear ready for the match. When I got to the pitch it was the same story again, warm-up get a rub off the physio and then go out and play. It was only after the match when I realized something was up. On the was home I said to my…

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