Access to Health Care and Food in Children with Food Allergy

I have been talking about this very topic, and the need to have either an AF section of food pantries or a completely AF food pantry in cities to address this very issue.

Please be aware that families dealing with food allergies who are on a modest budget really DO need extra support. It’s like any other family who has someone with a major medical issue. It’s REAL and it can be REAL EXPENSIVE.

Access to health care and food are serious concerns for families managing food allergies. A new study, funded in part by FARE, set out to research whether patients with food allergies experience impaired access to these basic needs—a topic which had not previously been evaluated.

The study, led by Christina B. Johns and Jessica H. Savage and published online by the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice in February 2014, found that families managing food allergies are more likely to face food insecurity and reduced access to health care. Based on data reported by more than 26,000 parents, the researchers’ analysis found that among families managing food

  • 21 percent of children had low food security
  • 34 percent reported having problems paying medical bills
  • 4 percent reported not being able to afford needed prescriptions
  • 3 percent reported not being able to afford needed follow-up care
  • 2 percent reported having trouble finding a…

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