Savor Wine Boutique (Kirkwood Atlanta): An AF Review

In the quaint little neighborhood of Kirkwood, Atlanta, sits a gem of a wine shop for enthusiasts and locals alike. We, the McMorris’s, recently moved to this neighborhood, and when we stumbled across this shop, we stepped through the door with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. If you have multiple food allergies/ intolerances that include dairy, you are probably already familiar with the difficulties navigating the landscape of wine. That’s because wines are finished (or “fined”) using a variety of methods, including various animal products, casein, or synthetic membranes. Fining is the process by which the sediments in wine are removed from the finished product.

I used to just buy any bottle of wine that sounded good, especially if it had a good rating. I wasn’t aware, as I’ve discovered neither are most bartenders, servers, or store clerks/owners I’ve met, that wine could be anything other than…well…wine. But, by circumstance, I stumbled across the fact that wine can be wine… vegetarian wine (may be fined with casein but not animal membranes or body parts)… or vegan (fined with no animal products, period). I woke up at 2 a.m. one night having a food reaction, after a party with friends. I was in control of all the food and desserts, but other people had brought wine. I took an antihistamine and the next morning decided to look up wine and food allergies. Low and behold, I discovered that wine can be fined with dairy, and that there is such a thing as vegan wine.

From that point on we had to buy vegan wine in order to avoid the dairy products that can be contained in even vegetarian wines. Such was the reason we entered Savor Wine Boutique with ambivalence. I was very aware they might not have a single bottle of wine I could enjoy. This is not uncommon when we go out for a bottle or drink, especially to a restaurant or bar, and most are not even aware there are distinctions.


When you enter the shop, the decor is warm and inviting; the floor plan is open and not overly stimulating to the eye. The shop owners, a husband and wife team, are warm and friendly, and very knowledgeable about the wines they offer. Savor offers exclusively small vineyard boutique wines from around the world. I didn’t even bother to look at all the bottles organized on the walls…I would just get wine envy; I entered into sharing my food intolerances instead. I asked if they had vegan wine, explaining why, and they happily showed me their section of vegan wines. The owners know every detail about how the wines they carry are processed, so they were able to speak with me and hubby in detail about the vegan wine selection.  I was impressed! And, I knew that we would be back to get a bottle. The owners were more than willing to spend the time with us it took to feel safe about enjoying their wines. It was exciting, to say the least, to have a boutique wine shop right around the corner that I could actually enjoy something from!

So, Friday hubby and I wanted to celebrate and important step in our business; we decided to buy a bottle of wine. This would be our first time actually patronizing Savor since we first discovered them. We chose a bottle of Tempranillo, with a pretty label by a company called Lobetia. The person working that day described the wine such that my mouth actually began to water.

2014-03-21 17.31.05The bottle of wine was absolutely superb! I was even more excited by the fact that I could enjoy the bottle of wine without concern for how my body might negatively react later… AND we were able to walk a block to get this sublime bottle of Vino! It’s nice enough when you find a place in your neighborhood you feel has that special something where not only do you get great products, but also feel truly catered to as a patron. It’s even more special when you have a special issue that those same shop owners are able to handle without breaking a sweat (or even if they do you appreciate the extra effort) in such a way that you feel confident about your needs being met. This is the way I feel about Savor Wine Boutique! They have definitely become one of my favorite go to spots for a moderately priced bottle of wine that I feel safe drinking… We will be back! VERY soon *giggle*

Thank you for taking that extra step to really know the products you offer your patrons. This food intolerant person GREATLY appreciates it!

Please come check out Savor Wine Boutique if you are a food allergic/ intolerant looking for a great bottle of off the beaten path wine at great prices, by people who really know their wines with superb customer service.

~Jessica McMorris


2 thoughts on “Savor Wine Boutique (Kirkwood Atlanta): An AF Review

  1. Thanks, Jessica! We are very touched by your kind words. Those with food allergies can really have a hard time so we are glad that Savor Wine Boutique’s growing selection of organic and vegan wines fit the bill… errrr, glass! 🙂

    • You are welcome, Kyla. It’s great to find a local spot that meets one’s dietary needs, especially when those needs deal with food allergies, and to help people learn more about how people like us can be helped.

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