Quick Hearty Cold Weather Food

What could be more comforting than a piping bowl of homemade chili on a cold winter day? I can’t think of much… Well, maybe my hubby to snuggle up next to while I eat it!

Before the winter’s end, I thought I would post my recipe for a quick, hearty bowl of vegan chili, guaranteed to please all. And of coarse this one is allergy friendly.

When I have more time, I start my recipe with dried beans, but this is certainly a tasty alternative in a pinch! We use pinto beans because our sensitive guts will only tolerate certain beans, but feel free to sub out as you desire. White beans, black beans, and kidney beans make GREAT additions.


(Image from http://bhaktinyc.blogspot.com/)

This recipe serves 4 large bowls or 6 smaller bowls

5                15 oz cans of organic pinto beans
1                15 oz can of organic diced tomatoes
1                15 oz can organic tomato sauce
1                medium onion, diced
2 TBSP     Spicely Yours Organic Chili Powder, ground
1 TBSP     Spicely Yours Organic Cumin, ground
1 TBSP     Spicely Yours Organic Paprika, ground
1 TBSP     vegan sugar
1/2 TSP   Smoked Salt
2                Rapunzel Sea Salt and Herb Bouillon
2 TBSP     High heat oil (grapeseed, safflower, etc)

Begin by heating your oil in a large dutch oven on medium high heat. Saute’ your diced onions until the edges begin to brown.

Reduce the heat to medium, and add your tomato products and bouillon. Drain the liquid off of 4 of your cans of beans and add to the pot. Add the entire 5th can, liquid included.

Add your spices and smoked salt, stirring to incorporate. Bring to a simmer, and reduce heat to low. Cooking 10 minutes to allow the flavors to come together. Remove from the heat and let rest another 10 minutes.

Serve with a garnish of salsa or cilantro if you desire, and a piece of bread or salad.


What do you think?

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