Tip for easier management of food allergies

Having a LOT of trouble managing your food allergies or intolerances? It is my opinion, based on my experiences with my own food intolerances and the information I’ve read, that one of the easiest ways to assist your body with managing your food allergies/intolerances is to GO ORGANIC…

Yes, I said it! Conventional food is typically LOADED with chemicals from various sources AND has been away from the farm for SO long before it reaches your table, that it not only saturates your system with damaging chemicals but contains very little nutrients.

These chemicals destroy whatever flora and enzymes may be present in your fragile intestinal tract, leaving you without the proper mechanism to digest your foods. Also, for people with food allergies and intolerances, it’s typically already very difficult to assimilate nutrients present in food, so eating nutrient deficient foods leave you even less to absorb.

Organic foods are also less likely to be cross contaminated with conventional foods, especially fresh produce. So, you can spend a little less time researching and more time enjoying what you eat. Organic companies also tend to have a stronger sense of ethics when it comes to disclosing allergens present in their products.

You’ll receive more nourishment in every bite or pure clean food, with no chemicals to continue to decimate your digestive system. If you are food intolerant, in the long run these foods can even be part of the solution to healing your digestive system.


What do you think?

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