Giving it that “meaty” flavor

One of the most difficult transitions for me from being a meat eater into becoming a vegetarian (which literally happened within 12 hours for me… but that’s another story) was how to give dishes that extra little “umph!” that meat seemed to provide. Especially with multiple food intolerances to manage as well.

I tried many different avenues. Some of them I can’t even remember now. My kitchen became a food science lab, and some of the experiments were NOT pretty…lol. Bouillons and broths were among the many things I tried, and I eventually found ONE that I am wholly and completely satisfied with.

7 35037-07200 2 Bouillon with Herbs

Rapunzel Vegetable Bouillon, especially the herb blend, give dishes the same depth and richness of flavor that a chicken stock would provide. It’s flavor profile is multidimensional, meaning it’s not at all bland to the tongue. I use it in many, many things.

For that smokey bacon type of flavor, smoked paprika is the winner, HANDS DOWN. Use 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in your recipe and you have all the yumminess of those crispy slices, but without the side effects *giggle*.

That’s my tip for substituting meat flavors in allergy friendly vegetarian dishes.


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